Measured Building Survey

Our specialist measured building survey teams are experienced in recognising and producing surveys to suit your needs. Need a full site laser scan or specific plans SEP can provide you with what you need based around you. Using the latest technology we are able to quickly and with minimal disruption produce floor plans ranging from a simple room shape and size drawings, to full 3D models, incorporating reflected ceiling plans, showing a wide range of services such as electrical power sockets & light fittings.

Through producing floor plans and elevations, SEP can use this data to produce cross sections of the building, showing the rooms relative to the floors above and below with all the internal beams accurately positioned. We can even show elevation detail of the façade behind the cross section. we collate and then process all of our data in our office to be processed. Whether it is building outlines or a full stone-by-stone survey we can cater for your needs.