CCTV Drainage Surveys

We utilise teams of highly trained surveying operatives to complete CCTV drainage surveys.

We can provide a full service, including cleansing of the system before completing the site inspections and providing recommendations for any remedial works to bring the system up to full working capacity.

A Drainage CCTV survey is used to confirm the condition of drainage systems utilising CCTV crawler units.  The crawler unit sends a live feed and records video footage with minimal disruption, informing a detailed written report describing the condition of the lines and other information relating to the system.

When combined with our Underground Utility Surveys, CCTV Drainage Surveys can assist with providing the complete picture of the drainage system as part of the wider Underground service location.

Our drain survey expertise includes:

  • CCTV Drainage inspections and reports
  • Drain clearing
  • Pest and root control
  • Waste Removal
  • Integration of the results onto CAD drawings
  • Confined Space entry and cleansing

What is a CCTV drainage survey?

A CCTV Drainage Survey is a non-destructive testing process utilising a camera system and recorder to produce high-quality images of drainage systems remotely. The footage provides a permanent record of drainage structures that can be referred back to when required at a later date.

A CCTV drain survey is used to inspect for obstructions, structural defects and general wear and tear on the network. A CCTV survey can be used to identify defective, collapsed or missing sections of drain before they are cut out and repaired at the next drain maintenance. The recorded footage is frequently used for insurance claims when damage is caused by a damaged or blocked drain within a property.

The crawler unit is ideal in situations where access to manholes is difficult. The unit can quickly and efficiently be moved from manhole to manhole to provide a complete record of the drainage system. This process helps our operatives working around underground services such as gas, water, electricity and telecommunications.

Why do I need a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A CCTV drainage survey is a cost-effective solution that can be used to identify blockages, drainage problems or defects resulting from poor installation hidden within drain networks. The images produced from a CCTV drain survey can be used to plan and schedule maintenance or renovation.

At SEP, we have the equipment and experience necessary to provide a complete drainage survey that covers all aspects of your system, including manholes, access chambers, pipework and culverts. We take pride in our quality service and aim to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Benefits of CCTV drain surveys:

  • Quick and cost-efficient
  • Non-destructive process
  • High-quality images/footage produced
  • Remote equipment allows safe access
  • Repairs can be planned for major defects
  • Confirms the condition of the drainage system
  • Used as evidence in insurance claims

How do CCTV drain surveys work?

The CCTV Survey will be carried out by engineers that are equipped with high tech CCTV cameras to record the condition of the drainage system. The engineer will carry out an inspection and provide a comprehensive report on what is found during their investigation. CCTV surveys typically follow this process:

  1. Understand the requirements - Before CCTV drain surveys are carried out, our drainage engineers will find out all the information they need to perform the inspection safely and efficiently.
  2. CCTV Survey Inspection - the engineer will set up the CCTV camera equipment to begin recording. The video footage is visible in real-time, with blockages visible at this stage. The CCTV footage will be played back to check for more serious defects or potential problems within the drainage system.
  3. Inspection Report - A written report will be produced from all data collected during the survey, including an assessment of any damage or defects found and recommendations on how to address these issues.

What issues can CCTV drain surveys identify?

A drain CCTV survey can recognise issues such as:

  • Blocked drains
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Collapsed drains
  • Tree roots encroaching on the drain
  • Corrosion or structural weakening

What happens after a CCTV drain survey?

On completion, you will receive a detailed drain survey report from our drain surveyors on the condition of your drainage, highlighting any blockages, serious problems, the structural condition and other useful data. If any major issues are found, a proposal will be made on what needs to be done in order to fix the problem. If remediation work or other services are required, drainage engineers can use the data to inform their plan of action.

At SEP, we strive to provide quick and effective results with a transparent approach. We will be happy to explain our findings once the survey has been carried out so you can feel confident in the process and know what will happen next.

When is a CCTV drainage survey required?

A CCTV drain survey is particularly useful when there are existing or new problems that need to be addressed. They can help with:

  • Renovations and larger construction projects
  • Identifying cracks in the drain system
  • Informing drain repair work
  • Determining the location of a blockage or infiltration point
  • Identify issues and defects such as corrosion, collapsed drains and structural damage
  • Deal with insurance claims for blocked drains
  • Identifying potential problems such as tree roots and other blockages

Pre purchase drain survey - Home buyers may also commission a drain survey ahead of completing the purchase of a property to understand the condition of the system before the sale.

What equipment is used in drainage system surveying?

CCTV surveys use the latest technology to produce high-quality images and footage of the inside of the drainage system. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, reliable and cost-effective for all projects. Depending on the site and requirements, the equipment set up may involve:

Remotely Operated Crawler - The remotely operated crawler allows the surveyor to drive the camera into hard-to-reach sections of the drainage system and produce high-quality footage. It also prevents any damage or disturbance to existing pipework and ensures a safe system.

CCTV camera - The CCTV camera allows the surveyor to visualise what is inside the drainage system, making it easier to identify any problems.

Access rods - These rods allow the camera to be pushed beyond any blockages or other obstructions, providing a clear view of the system's interior.

Sonar Sensors - To help with measuring and locating defects when pipes are filled.

How long does it take to perform a CCTV survey?

The time taken to complete a survey depends on the size of the drainage system, the level of drain inspection required and where it is located.

How much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

The cost of a CCTV drain survey varies depending on the type of network, the number of manholes or inspection chambers etc. A full survey involves a comprehensive investigation into all aspects of your drainage system and is tailored to meet your requirements.

For a detailed quote and time estimate, get in touch with our team who will be happy to provide you with information on the best way forward for your project.

Get a quote for CCTV drainage surveys

When looking for a company to carry out your CCTV Drainage Survey, it's important to choose an honest and experienced contractor who can provide you with the right quality of service. Here are some things you should look for when considering hiring a contractor to carry out your CCTV Drainage Survey:

  • High-quality equipment that is suitable for all applications including small confined spaces.
  • Expert knowledge in utility location and best survey practices
  • Network connections with subcontractors who can provide additional services
  • A wide range of services available including CCTV surveys, excavation and repair
  • A record of completing work on time and to budget.
  • Professional approach to survey management with excellent customer service

With years of industry experience and a solid reputation for customer service, SEP is a leading provider of CCTV Drainage Surveys throughout the UK. We've built up an extensive network of subcontractors and partners to ensure we can complete any project on time and within budget. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation quote on all types of services.