Monitoring Surveys

Our team has experience in completing bespoke monitoring surveys for a multitude of projects throughout the UK and can provide a series of surveys to ensure your project is completed safely and correctly.

A monitoring survey will typically consist of several site visits over a period of time to record the changes in certain features of the construction.

The survey results are recorded in a detailed report accompanied by specialist drawings and photographs, which can be used to help prevent future deterioration or damage.

This may include observations of cracking brickwork, pointing or staining to gable ends, settlement features etc, for a multitude of project requirements and can assist in providing updates on findings to allow for early intervention and prevent catastrophic failures during works.

The work may involve observing buildings for movement whilst construction works are ongoing, checking for settlement once construction is complete, monitoring of noise/dust levels whilst works ongoing and any other checks required.

We can quickly react to any requirements and provide you with the relevant information required to ensure your project runs efficiently. Our team can also provide an accurate programme for completing surveys along with competitive pricing, making us the first choice for monitoring survey services across all UK projects.

Monitoring survey examples

There are many applications for this type of survey

The data can be used as evidence in legal disputes where remedial works are required. For example, if cracks begin to appear, the survey will provide detailed evidence of the before and after pictures. This report may help settle a claim to avoid court proceedings if it can be shown that there is no damage or ongoing degradation.

A monitoring survey can be carried out during design stages of refurbishment, or new build works on historic buildings, typically observing cracking brickwork, pointing or staining to gable ends, as well as settlement. These surveys can help monitor buildings for movement whilst construction works are ongoing, checking for settlement once construction is complete and noise/dust levels whilst works ongoing.

It can also be completed for projects to investigate the performance of noise barriers, viewing these before and after works are complete to see if they have been successful in reducing levels of noise.

These practical examples show just some of the uses that these monitoring surveys can provide. They are widely applicable across countless project types, so please do get in contact with us to find out more.

Our survey team is highly experienced in carrying out large scale surveys to the highest of standards whilst maintaining excellent customer service. Depending on the requirements, we utilise a variety of techniques to supply accurate survey results and offer ongoing support and advice on any further works required. 

Surveying Techniques

Movement monitoring surveys using traditional survey methods

We use standard survey equipment such as total stations and digital levels to monitor any movement on-site. This form of monitoring is one of the most commonly used techniques due to its accuracy and quick turnaround time.

Noise / Vibration monitoring surveys

Using specialist equipment, we can monitor any vibration on-site to provide early warnings of potential problems that could lead to future damage. This is generally taken at set locations that are monitored over a period of time.

Monitoring of dust levels

As part of your project, we can carry out a series of monitoring surveys, one of which could be for dust levels during construction.

This is generally carried out at set locations around the site that are monitored over a period of time. Monitoring equipment can include dust measuring devices to provide accurate results that are clear and easy to understand.

Remote monitoring equipment installation

By offering remote surveys, we are able to identify small changes to provide real-time updates without the need to spend time on-site. This saves project managers valuable time by not requiring them to travel back to the site, eliminating the risk of additional delays or costs, for example, if access is required.

Along with installation and commissioning of equipment, we offer ongoing guidance to ensure that your project runs smoothly throughout any construction phases, providing updates as required.

Precise levelling

Precise levels can be used to monitor the vertical and horizontal movement of the ground. They are generally set up on a control point which we use as a benchmark to compare changes against. The main aim is to determine any minor variation in levels over time; this will indicate if there has been any movement.

Crack Monitoring

Monitoring of cracks in buildings or other structures can help identify when any movement is occurring. This technique can be used on existing structures to monitor cracking brickwork, pointing or staining to gable ends, as well as settlement.

Air Quality Monitoring

This is generally carried out to monitor any changes in dust levels or overall air quality during construction works. We are able to locate the readings of the equipment at set locations to produce accurate information regarding any variations over time.

Noise Level monitoring

Monitoring levels of noise during construction works can be used to ensure the project operates within required legislation and helps identify if any changes are needed.

Tank Deformation

A Tank deformation survey will provide you with detailed information on the ground conditions around the tank. It is a full deformation monitoring service that will also analyse all surrounding areas such as foundations, embankments and slopes. A common method of working is to utilise total station levelling equipment alongside tiltmeters which can measure the trends of the ground itself.

What do I need to know before undertaking a monitoring survey?

The environmental conditions around the site, i.e. access, safety, weather, noise levels etc., will all influence survey conditions. You must ensure that your project can operate these constraints to allow for a safe working environment and for the data collection/observations to be completed correctly.

We offer a full support service alongside our surveys. This can include advice on any changes required to your project or the survey process.

Points to consider when designing a monitoring scheme

Points that should be considered include :

  • Ground conditions at the location
  • Safe Accessibility during surveys
  • Construction sequencing
  • General Safety for on-site personnel
  • Construction materials, structures and timeframes
  • The precise method of survey (remote or on-site)
  • Surveying equipment required
  • Monitoring methods used, including data points

Our experienced team are able to help you design the most suitable approach for your project.

Fixed position monitoring points

Fixed position points allow for precise ongoing surveys of a defined location, allowing consistent observations of movement over time. Survey prisms or reflective stickers are physically attached to the structure, which are then surveyed using a total station.

How long does a monitoring survey take?

A monitoring survey can take any length of time depending on the requirements; this may include:

  • Short term (generally during construction works)
  • Long term (this may be implemented after the project has been completed)

We can generally provide you with accurate timeframes when we discuss your requirements in detail.

Please contact our team for advice and a quote if you require any of our services or would like to discuss any survey requirements.

How much do monitoring surveys cost?

The cost will vary considerably depending on the data requirements, the nature of the site, and the frequency of the monitoring. Get in touch with our team with your enquiry, and we will prepare a bespoke package for you.

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As an established survey company with over nine years of experience managing projects of all sizes across the UK, Survey & Engineering Projects are your first choice for monitoring survey services. We can provide initial consultations to discuss your project requirements and implement a bespoke monitoring plan to suit the needs of your project.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are more than happy to help.