New Business Launch: SEP Inspection

Posted 11 February 2023

Survey & Engineering Projects is excited to announce the launch of its newest venture, SEP Inspection.

The new company will provide comprehensive inspection services to the wind energy, solar and oil & gas sectors.

The team at SEP Inspection brings extensive surveying experience and expertise in multiple areas, including thermal imaging inspections, building condition surveys, drone inspections and more. The company's goal is to provide accurate information quickly and cost-effectively so clients can make informed decisions about their assets.

Mark Hayes, Director of Survey & Engineering Projects, said:

We are delighted to announce the launch of SEP Inspection. We believe there is a need for reliable and accurate inspection services in the wind energy, solar and oil & gas sectors, and we are confident that our team can provide just that.

He added:

“Our goal is to be your trusted partner in inspections, offering peace of mind that your assets will remain safe and secure. With our experience and expertise, we can ensure that all inspections are done accurately and on time."

SEP Inspection will offer a full range of inspection services including UAV (drone) inspections, thermal imaging inspections, visual RGB inspections, building condition surveys, solar PV farm inspections, wind turbine blade & structure inspections and oil & gas asset monitoring.

With more than 35 years of experience, SEP Survey Group is a trusted partner in surveying and inspection services. The launch of SEP Inspection will be another step in the company’s mission to provide reliable, accurate information to its clients.

For more information on SEP Inspection, please visit our website at